Gun Control

   In the wake of the unthinkable massacre at the Sandy Hook elementary school last Friday, new debates on gun control have taken over the air waves. Everything in this country, ultimately, turns in to a political debate. It makes the executives at Fox News and CNN happy as their ratings grow, but these debates take away from the focus of what the real problems are.

   This isn’t Global Warming or the tax code, this effects  the well-being and safety of every single American! It does not matter what your age, gender, color, race or bank account is…random acts of violence knows no boundaries. These tragedies can occur without warning or reason. Just like acts of terrorism, it is impossible to stop every potential act. However, it is possible to make these acts as difficult as possible to perform.

   After 9/11, the government created the TSA. The TSA’s sole responsibility was to make sure no one ever boards as U.S. plane with anything resembling a weapon. Those who travel by plane know how annoying it is to stand in security lines and have to dis-robe before they enter the metal detector. As bothersome as it is, the necessity far outweighs the annoyance.

   Other than Tim McVeigh’s Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, most every other massacre is perpetrated with the use of a gun or guns. One must ask why guns are the weapon of choice to commit these heinous crimes. The answer is simple…it’s very easy and quick to kill with a gun. Building a bomb takes time and money. First, the would-be killer needs to learn how to make a bomb. Then they need to buy the bomb-making materials. Then they need build the actual bomb. Then they need to figure out a way to get the bomb inside the potential killing field. Then they need to find the best place to put the bomb to kill as many people as possible. Then they need to set the bomb off and hope it explodes. There is no guarantee a bomb will explode especially for  a novice bomb maker.

   We live in a remote-control society. Count how many remotes you have in your home and you’ll know what I mean. Killing with a gun is tantamount to killing with via remote control…standing there pressing a button is all you have to do. It’s easy, it’s quick, it takes minimal effort and gets maximum results and that it what our society is all about.

   Gun enthusiast are making the most head-scratching excuses saying what happened last Friday had nothing to do with guns and everything to do with mental illness. if Adam Lanza did not have access to his mother’s guns, would he still have murdered all those innocent people? I find it extraordinarily hard to believe that he could have done just as much damage with a knife and as stated earlier, building a bomb is not the easiest thing to do. He took his mother’s guns because they were there and killing with a gun is too easy…that is why it is the weapon of choice for these murderers.

   Mental illness is an epidemic that is spreading like a bad virus.  Combine that with our kid’s mind’s that are saturated with violence you have a very scary formula that creates these types of massacres. Everything must be done to try and prevent this from happening…EVERYTHING!!! Stronger gun laws and a ban on all assault weapons WILL make it harder to commit these crimes. Again, if Lanza did not have access to his mother’s guns, what would he have done? Would he have tried to buy illegal guns? Maybe, and maybe he would have bought illegal guns from an undercover agent who could have prevented this from happening. This isn’t about the government taking away people’s guns, this is about protecting our most innocent of of people….our children!

   If making guns harder to obtain prevents just one of these senseless acts of violence then it is worth it. How anyone can think other wise is beyond me. If a person truly feels that President Obama is trying to take away their guns and turn us in to the old Soviet Union then pack your bags and get out. There’s about 200 other countries around the world to live in. This is not a political issue folks! This is not left-wing right-wing. This is about protecting our citizens and doing everything to prevent this.  Some say teachers should be armed with guns of their own. Let me ask this, if someone walks in to a classroom with weapon already drawn and, presumably, the teacher’s weapon is in their draw or holster, what do you think will happen? The teacher would be killed before they had a chance to retrieve their weapon. What’s next, arm each student?

   What happened last Friday makes me sick to my stomach. The subsequent debates make me angry. People are so brainwashed in this country that they actually believe they need to own gun(s) to protect themselves against the government. Even though the vast majority of gun owners are level-headed people, too many guns fall in to the wrong hands. Everything and I mean everything must be done to prevent this from happening. Just like with the TSA following 9/11 and airport security, if it prevents just one senseless act then it is worth it.


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