Ciao, Jersey Shore

   This past Thursday was the final episode of the show that forever changed the culture of tweens, teens, and  20-somethings who love to fist-pump and wear designer jogging suits. The “Jersey Shore” wrapped up its 6 season run with the usual suspects doing the usual debauchery. From Seaside to Miami to Italy and back to Seaside, Vinny, Sammi, Ronni, Jenny, Mike, Snookie, Pauly and Deena danced and drank their way in to the hearts of millions of people all over the world.

   Those of us who live on the Jersey Shore and those of Italian decent felt wronged by the stereotypical actions of the 8 member cast. Not everyone from New Jersey fist-pumps and not every Italian wears jumpsuits. Like ’em or hate ’em, the cast of the Jersey Shore was a pop culture phenomenon that changed so many aspects of pop culture. Catch Phrases like GTL, DTF, Cabs are Here, Come at me Bro and Yeah Buddy are now part of the American vernacular. Fashion trends like graphic T-shirts and Pauly D hair styles have swept across the landscape. I would not be surprised in the least if new moms have named their daughter’s Snookie…that is how big this show about 8 party people drinking and “smushing” has become.


   I will admit to watching the show. It was, at times, entertaining and let’s face it seeing many of my local hangouts on TV was pretty cool. The show had many detractors and understandably so but there’s one fact that cannot be denied and that is this show about nothing made millions and millions of dollars for many local businesses in the Seaside area and when parts of New Jersey do well…all of New Jersey does well.

   In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, the iconic Seaside boardwalk was destroyed. Thanks to the Jersey Shore TV show, MTV has helped with the reconstruction of the area and should be able to get Seaside back to its pre-hurricane glory. Those who consider themselves to be intellectuals cannot stand people like the Jersey Shore cast who do nothing but party and cause a ruckus. Fact is, if not for the show, MTV(and the cat themselves who use their celebrity to bring in money and resources) would never have been there to help with the recovery. As annoying as you may find Snookie and the bunch, some good has come out of that show. Next Summer, when the Seaside boardwalk re-opens for business, you can bet your bottom dollar the whole cast will be there to dedicate the grand re-opening and all those local businesses ruined by Sandy will be BACK IN BLACK

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