FIrst Move of Many


   As expected, Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum was given his walking papers as the first casualty of the Jets 2012 disaster of a season. Tony Sporano should be next while it appears Rex Ryan gets one more year. Obviously it is way too early for anyone to know who will go or stay player-wise. Every Jets fan alive wants Mark Sanchez gone but I would not be surprised if he is still on the roster when training camp begins next summer. There are several, key decisions that must be made starting right now to turn the Jets around in 2013    1-Shore up the offensive line.
It does not matter who the QB or running backs are, unless the men up front are doing their job, the Jets offense will continue to look inept at best
2-Re-sign La Ron Landry
Landry was one of the few off season acquisitions that worked. The hulking safety brought a level of intimidation to the Jets secondary that they have not had in years. 3-Hire Norv Turner
The Jets cannot screw this up. They need to bring in a coordinator that brings immediate respect to the unit. They need someone who will have the undivided attention of everyone member of the offense. Turner is a brilliant offensive mind who helped Troy Aikman and Philip Rivers become great QB
4-Trade down in the draft
The Jets currently own the 9th pick in next April’s draft. Since there aren’t any no-brainer QB available in this draft, it would behoove whoever the Jets GM is to trade down and accumulate as many picks in the first 3 rounds as possible. The Jets need help on the offensive line as well as depth at  WR and speed at the LB position. This draft seems to be top-heavy with front seven players and plenty of teams who draft after the Jets need help in that area. I would not like to go down past 20 but I would explore the option of trading down because the Jets need a lot of help and they need it now
5-Look in to trading Revis.
Let me be clear, I would not give Revis away but the holdout king is entering the final year of his contract and we all know he will demand the sun, moon and stars. If he hits the open market after next season, he will go to the highest bidder. He will not give the Jets any discount. He and his agents will create a bidding war the likes the NFL has never seen and since the Jets have severe cap problems, they simply will not be able to match most other offers. Coming off a torn ACL, it would be hard to trade Revis and get anything substantial in return but the new Jets GM must put this on his to-do off season list.
The NFL is a league in which immediate improvements can be made. The Colts went from 2-14 to 11-5 and the Vikings went from 3-13 to 10-6 and the Redskins went from 5-11 to 10-6. The Jets have talent. The Jets are not a complete mess like the Chiefs or Jaguars. The Jets CAN get back in to the tick of things in 2013 IF the right decisions are made. Many, many changes need to be made both on the field and in the locker room. This will be Rex’s last chance to prove he is ” the right man for the job”    As a Jets fan, I lick my wounds from this season and begin the healing process. I look forward to seeing who the new GM will be and I cannot wait until we see how he handles Sanchez, Tebow and all the other big decisions. Will the Jets trade down in the draft like I suggested or will they trade up and try and draft Geno Smith…the projected #1 overall pick?  There’s a lot of what ifs going in to 2013 but one thing if for certain, the Jets must get this right, period!

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